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Welcome to AP Now: Your Accounts Payable one-stop
resource for all your business intelligence needs

This site is designed to present you with all the information you need about accounts
payable, and all the other functions that impact it. Whether you choose to simply read
our Open Access (free) articles, which represent a small fraction of the articles
available in the member section, we welcome you.

AP Now also produces several live webinars each month, online
workshops for e-learning, books and live seminars. Please sign up
for our bi-weekly e-zine, using the signup box to the right. In it we
share tips, updates on upcoming events as well as news of new
articles posted to the site.

Featured Resources
Master Vendor File Best Practices to Strengthen Controls, Prevent Fraud and Help Improve Regulatory Compliance
When: Thursday March 26, 2015 2:00 PM EST For a long time, master vendor file has not gotten the attention it deserves. The emergence of new frauds, the increased realization that internal controls really do matter and increased regulatory compliance requirements have all shined a light on less-then-stellar master vendor file practices. . . . keep reading

P-Cards and ePayables Card Solutions: The Odd Couple or Bosom Buddies
February 25, 2015 2:00 How do you best utilize traditional Purchasing Cards and the newer ePayables solutions (e.g., Virtual Cards, buyer-initiated payments)? This session will dive deeper by . . . keep reading

T&E Best Practices to Ensure Compliance with IRS Regs and Prevent Fraud
When: March 10, 2015. March 10, 2015 With organizations everywhere eyeing the bottom line and insisting on rigid travel & entertainment policy compliance and the IRS taking an equally harsh stance, compliance must now not only be to the company policies but also IRS rules. Otherwise, you could end up answering not only to the CFO but also the IRS--and that is truly ugly. . . . keep reading

Upcoming Webinars
Check back frequently. We'll be posting the details about upcoming programs over the next few weeks. Better yet, sign up for our free weekly ezine. It's full of accounts payable tips and news as well as announcements of our upcoming programs. . . . keep reading

Commercial Cards 101: What the Options Are and How They Work
When: February 11, 2015. Have the daily demands of your job prevented you from acquiring the knowledge of B2B payments that you need for a career in AP, finance or treasury? Get up to speed with this one-hour webinar on the ever-growing world of Commercial Cards . . . keep reading

Payment Fraud Survey: Is It Getting Worse
One thing is very clear; while new payment frauds seem to pop up everywhere, the old frauds don't seem to be going away. But are they diminishing? Wouldn't that be nice? While we don't really expect a decline, we'd like to get the data to be able to say so definitively. To do that, we designed a short survey. We'll share an executive summary with all who participate. . . . keep reading

The Old Toner-for-Your-Copy-Machine Scam
"Hi, I'm Gary," said the friendly voice on the other end of the phone. "I'm with customer service for the copier you have in the office," he continued. I couldn't believe it. This old chestnut, yet again.

This article also appears in our Open Access content. Please feel free to read the rest of this there, if you are not a member. . . .
keep reading

5 Accounts Payable (and Accounting and Finance) Game Changers and How to Keep Them from Derailing Your Career
When: Thursday March 5th 2 PM EST (1:00 PM CST; Noon MST; 11:00 AM PST)
Where: Your office
Cost: Free

You don't need us to tell you that the accounts payable function has evolved a lot in the last few years. But, that change is nothing when you look at the emerging issues expected to impact accounts payable and the payment process in the next five. Every accounts payable, accounting, finance and financial operations professional will be affected. Do you understand the new issues - the game changers? Have you analyzed their implications to both your organization and your career? It's going to be a very different world.

Innovations to the payment system in the US, new frauds targeting most companies and employees, increased regulatory compliance requirements, new invoicing mandates and of course technology are forcing everyone to re-evaluate how impacted functions are handled -- be they in accounts payable, accounting, finance or another branch of financial operations.

Please join Ken Brown and Mary S. Schaeffer on March 5th at 2PM for a fast-paced one-hour discussion of the issues and what you need to do to make sure you are ready. Schaeffer is AP Now's Publisher and Editorial Director and also serves as the IFO's Editor-in-Chief and Education Director. Brown is the IFO's CEO. If you want to survive and thrive professionally, this is one talk you cannot afford to miss.

. . .
keep reading

The Institute of Financial Operations Names Mary Schaeffer Its Education Director
Mary Schaeffer has been named Education Director of The Institute of Financial Operations, the nonprofit membership-based professional association which serves finance professionals in accounts payable, accounts receivable, information management, and data capture. . . . keep reading