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The Do-It-Yourself Accounts Payable Consultant Handbook (3nd edition)

Looking to improve your accounts payable function? Not sure exactly where the problems are? That's where the DIY AP Consultant Handbook can help. The greatly expanded 150+ page edition (with 35 diagnostic checklists) is finally here. Now available as a soft cover book or an electronic file. Download brochure with full table of contents and sample checklist (with best practice responses).

No one knows your organization better than you do. That’s why you are in the best position to make process improvements for your own operations. But, sometimes you are too close to identify those problem spots that have crept into your procedures.

That’s where The DIY Accounts Payable Consultant Handbook comes in. It provides you the added perspective to see your operation clearly. It effectively lets you take that giant step back so you can look at your accounts payable function objectively.


Use our straightforward problem-solving tools to uncover the weak spots in your processes. Once you’ve identified the problems, our commentary will get you started on the right path to fixing the problem by providing some best practice advice. You can use this to strengthen your controls preventing duplicate and erroneous payments and fraud. What’s more, you might even earn a few more early pay discounts.


Each section contains:


  • Several analytical checklists to help you scrutinize the your processes to identify those areas that need attention; See an excerpt from on or the checklists.
  • An explanation of why certain practices are not recommended and others are: and
  • The latest thinking to help you develop the solution that is right for your operations  

Regular Price: $159; for either the soft cover book or the electronic file. Both versions available for an additional $50.

To purchase or request an Invoice:

Information about our consulting services is available here.

Table of Contents:


  •  Invoice Handling Diagnostic 
  •  Invoice Processing Diagnostic
  • Do Your Processor s Know the Basics
  • Convincing Vendors to Invoice Electronically 
  • Best Practice Advice: Five Best Practices to Eliminate Invoice Headaches 
  • Best Practice Advice: Are Paper Invoices Really Necessary?
  • Best Practice Advice: How Four Companies Gain Efficiency Using E-mail/Fax to Receive Invoices 

AP Check Processes

  • Exception Processing Diagnostic¨ Check Request Forms Diagnostic 
  • Paper Check Safety Diagnostic
  • Paper Check Elimination Checklist 
  • Dealing with Un-cashed Checks 
  • Getting Vendors to Accept e-Payments 
  • Best Practice Advice: From Printing to Mailing: Do You Know Where Your Checks Are? 
  • Best Practice Advice: These Five Practices May be The Reason You Are Losing the Duplicate Payments War? 
  • Best Practice Advice: Practices to Avoid Check Request Fraud and Duplicate Payments 
  • Best Practice Advice: A Five-Step Plan to Get Rid of Rush Checks

AP Interdepartmental Processes:  

  • Identifying Problems in the Purchase-to-Pay Process Diagnostic 
  • Master Vendor File Diagnostic
  • User-Friendly Accounts Payable Department Best Practice Checklist 
  • Best Practice Advice: Master Vendor File Best Practices
  • Best Practice Advice: 8 Simple Tactics to Reduce Stress in the AP/Purchasing Relationship 


  • Payment Control Diagnostic 
  • ACH Diagnostic
  • "Identifying Problems that Can Be Eliminated with e-Payments” Diagnostic      
  • P-card Missed Opportunity Diagnostic 
  • ACH Fraud: Convincing Management to Make ACH Payments 
  • Best Practice Advice Payments Made Outside the Normal AP Process: A Control Disaster Waiting to Happen 
  • Best Practice Advice: Starting an ACH Payment Program: What Better Time Than Now? 
  • Best Practice Advice: How An e-Payment Program Can Improve Your Bottom line 

Travel & Entertainment

  • T&E Policy Diagnostic
  • T&E Expense Policies that Meet IRS Guidelines while Combatting Fraud Diagnostic 
  • Avoiding a T&E Fraud Debacle Diagnostic 
  • The T&E Receipts Issue Diagnostic: Are You Collecting the Right Information
  • Best Practice Advice: Seeing T&E as a Regulatory Issue 
  • Best Practice Advice: Sample T&E Best Practice Guidelines   


  • The Regulatory Diagnostic
  • The 1099 Diagnostic
  • Unclaimed Property Best Practice Diagnostic
  • Best Practice Advice: Unclaimed Property
  • Best Practice Advice: Tax Information Reporting 
  • Best Practice Advice: The ABCs of Unclaimed Property Audits and Auditors: What You Need to Know 

Management Issues: General  

  • Common Misconceptions that Get AP into Hot Water Diagnostic
  • Electronic Accounts Payable Diagnostic 
  • The Worst Practice Checklist 
  • Hiring Best Practice Checklist 
  • Best Practice Advice: Making Sure Your Organization Isn’t Paying Someone It Shouldn’t
  • Best Practice Advice: Seven Often-Overlooked Practices that Make AP Less Efficient Than It Could Be 

Management Issues: Control 

  • Fraud Deterrence/Prevention/Detection Diagnostic 
  • Internal Control Best Practice Diagnostic 
  • Productivity Killer Checklist
  • Best Practice Advice: Looking for Fraud in All the Right Places
  • Best Practice Advice: Segregation of Duties: How Much Access Do Your Employees Really Have? 
  • Best Practice Advice: 5 Ways to Protect Your Organization From Payment Fraud  

Management Issues: Operation Issues            

  • The Duplicate Payment and Recovery Best Practice Checklist
  • Policy & Procedures Manual Diagnostic
  • Launching a New Project Best Practice Checklist
  • Best Practice Advice: A Marriage Made in Heaven: 10 Reasons to Put Imaging in Your Technology Upgrade
  • Best Practice Advice: Electronic AP: Eight Simple Tactics Any Company Can Use 
  • Best Practice Advise: Eight Tried-and-Tested Strategies to Help Any AP Department Save Time
  • Best Practice Advice: Change in Accounts Payable: A 5 Step Plan to Maximize Your Resources

To purchase or request an Invoice:

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  • e-mail publisher@ap-now.com mentioning DIY AP Consultants Handbook to request an invoice or W-9

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