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Our Services

For Accounts Payable Staff

We offer customized training for your accounts payable staff. See details here.

For details about our FCPA Training for Accounts Payable go here.

For Vendors
AP Now and its publisher, Mary S. Schaeffer, work with vendors to produce content that is consistent with best practices in the accounts payable arena. Listed below are some of the more common applications.

  • Webinars (your list, your platform)
  • Webinars (our list, our platform)
  • White papers
  • Seminar participation and planning
  • Speaking (webinars, seminars, training, conferences)

To discuss your requirements, please call
Mary Schaeffer at 302-836-0540.

Consulting & Training

We believe a good consultant should be like a good friend—one who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Our reports are full of practical, implementable recommendations you can execute yourself. We offer:

  • Process reviews
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Staff training
  • Vendor web site and product review
  • White papers

Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow offers consulting and customized training in all areas related to accounts payable. We are also adept at improving the content and branding of vendor web sites. If you are a company or vendor interested in these services, please send an e-mail to marys@ap-now.com or call Mary Schaeffer at 302-836-0540 to discuss your requirements. We partner with an array of specialists and will find the one who meets your unique needs.

We consult for a number of mid-size organizations helping them introduce best practices into their accounts payable operations to improve controls and efficiency. Have a quick question or not sure if our consulting services are right for you? Call us at 302-836-0540 or click here to read what our president, Mary Schaeffer, recently told The Wall Street Journal about our consulting philosophy.

We believe the best process improvements are those that are put into operation by the organization’s staff. So we devise a plan that the hiring organization can put into practice on its own. Our goal is that the client to become completely self sufficient and not rely on us for ongoing support. We view all consulting assignments as one-time engagements.

That being said, we also recognize that not all accounts payable departments are large enough to handle all the work on their plates. And, as such, we do offer a number of services to complement the existing staff. They are described on our AP Products and Resources page.

And, we would be remiss if we didn't confess that several of our relationships have more of a long-term nature. Clients have had us back for either a second review (several years after the initial consultation), to complete ancillary assignments or just to run a quick idea or question by us.

If you are a consultant or AP professional who would like to occasionally consult, please contact Mary Schaeffer. We will send you a confidential application which will help us match your abilities with requests from clients. Feel free to call Mary Schaeffer 302-836-0540 to discuss your qualifications. We look forward to working with and for you.

Unique and Specialized Services

The Top 100 Most Wanted Duplicates

Want to bring the duplicate payment nightmare to an end but aren't ready to hire a duplicate payment audit firm? We've got the answer! Our Top 100 is a rough cut of your payment data identifying the 100 largest possible duplicate payments with the highest likelihood of recovery. See the details here and purchase it here. To download a (pdf) order form, click here.


Duplicate Payment & Master Vendor File Diagnostic Services

In collaboration with an accounting and information technology specialist, Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow has developed two customized services we are proud to offer our colleagues in the AP field.

Our Duplicate Payment Diagnostic Service examines your AP data streams and identifies potential duplicate payments. We provide a report for you to use to research and recover your funds.

Our Master Vendor File Clean-Up Diagnostic Service analyzes your master vendor files flagging potential duplicate and inactive vendors. It also makes recommendations based on your data where trends are seen.






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