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Welcome to Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow

the leading source of accounts payable information for the business and finance community. We offer a host of products and services designed to advance your department, your company, and your career.

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Our flagship product is our print newsletter, Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow. In addition to commentary from our editorial director, Mary S. Schaeffer, we feature a changing lineup of guest columnists and the latest industry updates.

We believe the very best information comes from the trenches not from ivory-tower scholars who never spent a day processing an invoice, resolving a three-way match discrepancy, or handling 1099s, sales and use tax issues, electronic invoicing, payment issues etc.. In other words, it comes from you, our ever-growing network of readers who live and breathe accounts payable issues every day.

Several times a year we survey readers to follow industry and career trends and report back to you.

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Also available are: our popular Webinar series for our Fall 2007 sessions and CDs on topics of interest to AP professionals as well as relevant conferences; special reports; information on the expertise behind this site and our books; and our training and consulting services.

Thank you for visiting our Web site. We welcome comments from all professionals interested in accounts payable issues. Send them to Mary Schaeffer at marys@ap-now.com.