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Special Offers, Books & Reports

Periodically we create books, and reports and make them available to our readers and online here at ap-now.com.

Internal Controls in Accounts Payable

Fundamentals of Accounts Payable


A 285-page soft-cover book that investigates basics of t he accounts payable function. It's a lot more complicated than you might think. This soft-cover book is normally $43.95 but available now at the introductory price of $38.95. Purchase 5 or more copies simultaneously for $33.95 each. Go here for details. Go here to purchase.

101 Best Practices for Accounts Payable

A 200-page soft-cover book that investigates 101 practices commonly used in the accounts payable function. The book not only discusses each process, identifying current best practices, but also identifies several hundred worst practices in use in some organizations. This soft-cover book is $39.95. Those purchasing 5 or more copies can do so for $33.95 each.

Go here for details. Go here to purchase.

The Do-It-Yourself Accounts Payable Consultant Handbook (3rd edition)

A 150+ page publication that puts you in the driver's seat to introduce appropriate procedures and strong internal controls in your accounts payable process. Publication contains 35 diagnostic tools you can use yourself. (Regular price: $159)

Preparing for Year End in Accounts Payable: A 60 Minute Guidebook

Go here for details. Go here to purchase.

A Short Guide to Creating an Efficient User-Friendly Accounts Payable Policy & Procedures Manual

Guidance on creating an efficient, effective, fraud resistant and regulatory compliant accounts payable policy and procedures manual.  An electronic report for $19.95. For additional information go here. Go here to purchase.


Accounts Payable Value Pack

  • January, February and March issues of the Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow newsletter: value $85
  • Accounts Payable Coffee Break #1: value $4.95
  • Accounts Payable Best Practices CD: value $189

Priced at a remarkably low $49.95 for a limited time only. Go here for additional details. Go here to purchase

Accounts Payable Coffee Break Publications

Aa series of publications each containing a series of short articles that will help any organization run a more efficient and fraud resistant accounts payable function. Each article is designed to be read during a 10 minute coffee break. Details about each issue including list of articles here.

Hot off the Press: The 2010 State Reporting Guide - $399 Order before publication and get a 15% discount. Publication available end of January 2011. This is an electronic publication that will be delivered right to your inbox - giving new meaning to "hot off the press!"

Guide to B-Notice Processing - a 30-page quick help guide delivered electronically to your inbox. For additional information, go here. Only $59!!

CTI’s Vendor Payment Compliance Guide

Making payments to non-US vendors? Need some regulatory compliance advice? Click here for more details

CFO & Controllers Accounts Payable Management Journal

a quarterly digest for management personal concerned about cost cutting and internal controls in their accounts payable operations. For  details about the quarterly journal or to request a sample issue go here.


IAPPís 2009 AP Automation Study Price $225 Special offer through March 31 2010 for AP Now readers. Purchase the AP Automation Study and get one yearís membership in the IAPP at no additional cost. Delivered via e-mail right to your desk shortly after ordering.

This ground breaking study is packed with over 30 pages of charts and statistics that identify where the accounts payable profession stands today in its use of technology and where itís headed in the future. It zeroes in on best practices and procedures that can be used to improve the typical AP department.

Based on the responses of AP professionals from diverse industries, geographic locations, and company sizes, the study focuses on invoice processing, travel and entertainment expense reporting, payment processing, and technological solutions.

Order the IAPP 2009 AP Automation Study here.


Two of our most popular items now only $39.95 each


  • Book Excerpt: Controller & CFOs Guide to Accounts Payable
  • W-9 TIN Solicitation Guidelines
  • What about the Check Number when Batch Filing?
  • Starting an ACH Payment Program: What Better Time Than Now?
  • Consultants’ Corner: Points, Points, Who Gets the Points?
  • 10 P-Card Program Pitfalls and Success Strategies to Handle Them 1
  • File Your 1099s Electronically: A Little FIRE Will Get Rid of the Paper!
  • Worker Classification: What’s Reasonable’ Just Got Harder to Prove
  • How to Ensure Multiple Payment Vehicles Don’t Translate into Duplicate Payments
  • Book Excerpt: Trends Affecting Travel & Entertainment Expense Reporting
  • Eliminate These Really Bad Accounts Payable Practices

Purchase The Best of Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow 2009


  • A Dozen Reasons Why Invoices Should Go to Accounts Payable First
  • Anticipate These Four ACH ‘Gotchas’ for ACH Success
  • Master Vendor File  Best Practices
  • Starting an ACH Payment Program: What Better Time Than Now?
  • Your Electronic Accounts Payable Department: Still in the Dark Ages or Heading for the Stars?
  • Ten Best Practices for Efficient P-Card Use and Control
  • Short Book Excerpt: Accounts Payable & Sarbanes-Oxley: Strengthening Internal Controls
  • A Best Practice Check List for Receipt of Invoices
  • Not Using Positive Pay: More Risks than You May Realize!
  • Six Practices that Enable Internal Check Fraud
  • Expert Insights: Security Features in Your Check Stock
  • Some Check Fraud Security Features
  • New Payment World Book Excerpt: Integrated Payment Product

Purchase The Best of Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow 2008.


Our newest 2009 Special Report:

Accounts Payable Career Security in Turbulent Times

Your livelihood, Your challenge        

A compilation of material from Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow, e-APNews, the pamphlet, The Future of Accounts Payable, and Mary Schaeffer’s popular books. For a full description of this Special Report's contents, click here. Purchase Accounts Payable Career Security here for just $29.95. Or download a (pdf) copy of our comprehensive order form.

White Paper: Demise of the Paper Invoice

The Demise of the Paper Invoice white paper is a 20-page $29.95 report based on our research of the evolving invoice delivery practices. It is delivered electronically. (So please include your e-mail address!)

Demise of the Paper Invoice (20 pages)

  • Are Paper Invoices Going the Way of the Dinosaur?      
  • Readers Comments: Part of the Research for This Paper
  • Consultants Corner: A Related Paper Invoice Problem
  • No Name, No PO: Guess What? No Check
  • Accounts Payable & Sarbanes Oxley Book Excerpt: Invoice Handling
  • Fraud in Accounts Payable Book Excerpt: Vendor and Invoice Fraud:
    Not Every Invoice (or Vendor!) Is Legit
  • How to Efficiently Handle Detailed Invoices for Small-Dollar Amounts

Purchase the Demise of the Paper Invoice here. Download a (pdf) order form here.

Special Offers


Several times a year our flagship publication, Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow, devotes an entire expanded issue to a particularly important topic. Packed with useful tips you can immediately put to use. Our latest:

AP in Tough Times: Survival Strategies for Accounts Payable

It is harder than ever to get invoices paid on time while not making duplicate or fraudulent payments—all while complying with increasing regulatory constraints. Yet, right now, many are cutting staff across the board. That’s why we have created this special expanded issue of the Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow print newsletter. It provides much needed advice for those scrambling to do a good job. It contains articles on:

  • Real-life Survival Strategies Used in Accounts Payable to Deal with Shrinking Budgets
  • Really Bad Accounts Payable Practices
  • Fraud Outlook and Prevention Advice from Experts
  • The basics of Segregation of Duties in Accounts Payable
  • Staffing Accounts Payable during a Recession
  • New Government Contractor Withholding Rules: Today and Long Term Implications
  • New Job Rotation and Vacation Policies for Accounts Payable
  • How to Prevent T&E Fraud and Achieve 100% Policy Compliance
  • Fraud Alert: The Newest Type of Payment Fraud & How to Guard against It

Plus two pages of short tips, news, strategies and tactics. Normally, we sell our expanded monthly issues for $39.95 each.

However, recognizing that everyone has to watch the bottom line, we are offering this 20-page issue for $29.95. Purchase "AP in Tough Times" here. For an order form and description of our wide-ranging resources, download  the (pdf) resource order form here.

We still have a few copies of prior expanded issues that we're making available at a special low price of $9.95. They are:

T&E issue (20 pages

  • How Companies Are Funding Corporate Travel & Its Impact on AP
  • A Straightforward Plan to Update Your AP Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Is T&E Fraud Really A Problem?
  • Where Do I Sign: Managers Who Approve Anything  
  • What Kind of a T&E Policy Do You Want?
  • Tax Implications: Accountable Plan or Not
  • The Sales Tax Holiday Calender
  • How to Make Sure Your T&E Cards Aren't Used after An Employee Leaves
  • What You Need to Know about VAT
  • How Much T&E Checking Is Really Adequate?
  • Accounts Payable Tips, Tactics & Strategies

Purchase the T&E expanded issue here.

          Emerging Issues (16 pages)

  • How an e-Payment Program Can Improve Your Bottom Line
  • Reexamine Your Controls in Light of Expanding Payment Options
  • News Flash: SEC & PCAOB React to Complaints about S-Ox Compliance
  • AP Outsourcing & Automation Update
  • P-card Survey from AICPA: How to Grow Your Program
  • What to Do When Credit Applications Hit Your Desk
  • Accounts Payable Tips, Tactics & Strategies

 Purchase the Emerging Issues expanded issue here.

 Internal Controls issue (20 pages)

  • Don't Try This at Home: Really Bad Check and Invoice Practices
  • Two Minute Quiz: Do You Have Problems in Your Invoice Processing Procedures?
  • New Study Reveals The Impact of Sarbanes- Oxley on P-card Programs
  • What AP Can Do to Stop The Shenanigans That Go on with T&E
  • SAS 70: Now You Can Demonstrate Suitable Controls of Outsourced Operations
  • Guest Columnist Kevin Armstrong on Leadership: Help the AP Choir Manage Tough Harmonies
  • Guest Columnist Rick Kushnel on Best Practices in Document Management: Eliminate the Paper!
  • Sarbanes-Oxley's Surprising Impact on Accounts Payable Functions at All Companies
  • Accounts Payable Tips, Tactics & Strategies

Purchase the Internal Controls expanded issue here.

 Preparing for Year End issue (20 pages)

  • The Future of the Accounts Payable Department
  • A Straightforward Plan to Update Your AP Policy & Procedures Manual
  • Eight December Projects Guaranteed to Make 2007 Run More Smoothly in AP
  • Letter from the Editor
  • The Occurrence and Prevention of Duplicate Payments
  • How AP Pros Reduce Duplicate Payments
  • Book Excerpt: T&E Best Practices
  • Annual Information Reporting and Processing Calendar
  • Guest Columnist Stephen Bragg on the Essentials of the AP Year-End
    AP Year-End Check List
  • Accounts Payable Tips, Tactics & Strategies

Purchase the Year End expanded issue here.

Special Offer for Internal Auditors (expires March 31, 2013)

Special Reports


The Future of Accounts Payable

One of our favorite projects is the quick-read book, The Future of Accounts Payable. Based on a comprehensive survey of accounts payable professionals and controllers, as well as interviews with industry leaders, this 58-page quick-read book reveals insights that will help professionals everywhere plan for a successful career.


The Future of Accounts Payable addresses:

• Factors affecting business and accounts payable functionality
• The future of the accounts payable department
• What’s being handled in accounts payable today (Hint: It’s more than you might think!)
• Technology in accounts payable—both today and projected
• Managerial issues and perceptions about accounts payable
• What controllers want when hiring new accounts payable managers
• Career advice
• Skill-set issues

It was our goal to produce this work at a reasonable price as our way of thanking the many hard-working professionals who are the mainstay of all our endeavors. Since the aim was to put this within the reach of every single professional concerned about his or her career, the cost for those who wish to purchase the book alone is just $9.95.

How can you get a copy?

1)Order your copy through our secure online store

2)Print and mail this form to:

Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow
560 Peoples Plaza #197

Newark DE 19702

3) Print and fax this form to:


Last but not least, nothing could be more special to us than Accounts Payable Appreciation Week! Look at our AP Celebration Resource Set here .

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