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Accounts Payable Resources & Tools: Travel & Entertainment     


In many organizations, travel and entertainment expenditures are the second largest controllable expense. No wonder it generates so much interest, although the attention is often hardly positive. That's because the opportunities for abuse are many and policies are often not clear.


Plus, almost 20% of all frauds involve expense reimbursements according to the Association of    Travel & Entertainment Best PracticesCertified Fraud examiners. In a recent survey of accounts payable professionals, 38% indicated they had encountered fraud in their expense reimbursement process in the last three years.

The numbers tell a serious story; but that's just the start. While the dollars involved in T&E fraud may be smaller than some other frauds, it's often the way they are first detected.


To meet all these challenges Accounts Payable Now & Tomorrow created the Travel and Entertainment Value Pack.

The items can be purchased separately or as a set. The set includes:

  • The T&E Best Practices to Ensure Compliance with IRS Regs & Prevent Fraud CD
  • The T&E Best Practices book by Mary S. Schaeffer
  • Plus a checklist of topics that should be addressed in your T&E policy. The chapter and checklist will be delivered electronically.

Price for the Travel and Entertainment Value Pack: $215

Sold separately the items are:

For the best deal, get the entire T&E Best Practice Valuepack ($215)






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